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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KAZUO INOUE!! :iconjunjouromanticafan10:JunjouRomanticaFan10 3 0 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KYO INOUE!! :iconjunjouromanticafan10:JunjouRomanticaFan10 4 0 Boruto: One Round :iconjunjouromanticafan10:JunjouRomanticaFan10 2 6 Boruto: Getting Ready To Go Out :iconjunjouromanticafan10:JunjouRomanticaFan10 3 1 Ren Yamazaki: Past Romance :iconjunjouromanticafan10:JunjouRomanticaFan10 3 0 Ren Yamazaki: Delinquent :iconjunjouromanticafan10:JunjouRomanticaFan10 2 1 The Last: Haruko Head Shot + Birthday :iconjunjouromanticafan10:JunjouRomanticaFan10 2 1 ID :iconjunjouromanticafan10:JunjouRomanticaFan10 1 2 The Last: Hunting Down :iconjunjouromanticafan10:JunjouRomanticaFan10 5 4 Sexy Night: What Do You Want To Do Right Now? :iconjunjouromanticafan10:JunjouRomanticaFan10 3 5
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Sexy Night: What Are You Going To Do To Me? :iconjunjouromanticafan10:JunjouRomanticaFan10 3 3
The Last: KazuoxLulu Screenshot :iconjunjouromanticafan10:JunjouRomanticaFan10 4 4
Lulu Oono's Bio
Shippuden + The Last (outfit 1) Reference:

Name: Lulu Oono [大野ルル]
Pre-Shippuden: 9Shippuden: 13The Last: 15Boruto: 28
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual 
Blood Type: A
Birthday: March 19 (Pieces)
Personality: Persistent, Timid, Scared
Like(s): Tea, Fireplaces
Dislike(s): Freezing
Hobby(ies): Cleaning, watching movies
Fear(s): Being thrown out
Strength(s): Genjutsu
Weakness(es): Agility
Personal Quote: "I've been through so much in my life, I can withstand more. But I can't if I am taken away from those who really love me."
Occupation: Shinobi 
History: Lulu is the third child in his family. Since Lulu's birth, Lulu's family has been in an unstable condition. His parents are abusive towards each other and their children, while the children use each other as scapegoats. Lulu is malnourished and often appears thin and pale. He tends to stay away from his home for most of t
:iconjunjouromanticafan10:JunjouRomanticaFan10 3 0
Shippuden + The Last (outfit1):Lulu Oono Reference :iconjunjouromanticafan10:JunjouRomanticaFan10 3 4
Yuka Kumosu's Bio
The Last + Boruto Reference: 

Name: Yuka Kumosu [雲巣由佳]
Boruto: 35
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: ? 
Blood Type: AB
Birthday: July 9 (Cancer)
Personality: Serious, Secretive, Reserved
Like(s): Being unnoticed, paper fans
Dislike(s): When people take off her mask
Hobby(ies): Yoga, training
Fear(s): Miscalculating
Strength(s): Genjutsu
Weakness(es): Chakra Control
Personal Quote: "I don't like making myself noticeable. It'll be harmful to you."
Occupation: Assassin 
History: Much of Yuka's past is unknown as she doesn't usually answer people when questioned about her life. From brief explanations about herself, it could be assumed that she had a decent childhood. 
Yuka and her first spouse gave birth to Tsukiko. However, the two divorced, while Yuka kept Tsukiko. 
Yuka meets Akane Tsumori during a mission in Kumogakure. The two briefly worked together as
:iconjunjouromanticafan10:JunjouRomanticaFan10 2 0
The Last + Boruto:Yuka Kumosu Reference :iconjunjouromanticafan10:JunjouRomanticaFan10 2 2
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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I love anime, manga, and Vocaloid. I doodle a lot in class, and I think I should start carrying a sketchpad. My memory is horrible.
la~ la~ la~


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